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Emotion, as I feel, is the best companion in this universe. It binds us to each and every perceivable matter, may be, people, motherland, articles, etc. Emotion fastens us to the realisation that we are connected to ALMIGHTY GOD. Emotion instills the meaning of love and hatred in our hearts. It can make a person’s mentality tougher than the toughest steel or much more fragile than the most delicate glass. The breaking down of emotions is far more painful than any other agonies persistent on this earth. It neither lets the victim live nor die. It even leads to mental breakdown of an emotional person. If the mental stability is tampered with, the person is liable to get inflicted with several disappointing traits. These display of these traits may be undesirable for others and frustrating for self. Concludingly, person must never, even by mistake, hurt the emotions of another. The person committing this crime is the most cruel person.