"Freedom does not mean freedom alone, it means 
       freedom to limit our freedom."
          - Krishna Chand Avatar

     We must remain tied. ‘Tied’ in the sense that we need to be aware about our limitations, our attachment to that beautiful piece of that wise hermit existing within us – ‘conscience’. ‘Tied’ in our behavior towards fellow human-beings, our attitude towards the world as a whole. This is where the notion of ‘reins’ come forward. We prefer to live in the world without any system of checks-and-balance on ourselves. The problem arises here, when we do not conceive the meaning of freedom.

    According to Lincoln – “Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves.” The misunderstanding which compels us to implicitly believe that freedom can be enjoyed by us, not taking into account of that of others, is extraneous. We ought to  feel the freedom we have lent to others while exercising ours. That is human virtue. Overlooking this concept does not make any sense.

                                                                                  — to be continued