“How marvelous this world is!” – exclaims a victor. “Oh! I never really felt this fragrance this flower contains,” murmurs he, bringing a china rose to his nose. Does anyone has this ‘blood’ of happiness circulating through his ‘joyous’ arteries and veins, except a victor? This may sound quite like a fairy tale; you would even dress the writer as insane. However silly this may seem, it stands unrefuted. Have you ever seen a ‘ferocious’ gleam in the eyes of a victor? Can you make out the sense of achievement and the sense of winning which his eyes behold in its admirable quietness, much like a queer place situated in the untold tranquility of wilderness? We may stand astounded by the veritable energy, vigour and the never-dwindling spirit a victor displays. His happiness is the fruit borne out of his endurance, persistence and resilience even when any stroke of misfortune is inflicted upon him. Because he has risen over all the barriers, facing them with guts and bringing them down to his knees, he realizes his ecstasy. He finds everything so interesting and so enchanting. Even that stray dog whom people regard as the harbinger of filthiness; anything perhaps, anything which is never cared of, never rendered any importance. Beauty to him has quite a different ‘perspective’, different from the rest of the masses. He is uniquely-minded.

                                                                                                                             …….to  be continued                 Click here to download in DOCX format.