You must have seen that a scratch on your own kith and kin, triggers such infuriation and blossoms such affection. While the same mishap leading to some others getting totally defaced and bruised does not bother you. Has any similar notion ever sprouted in your mind? Would you settle an accord with me that pains are similar for everyone and if inflicted bear the same consequences? Irrespective of whatever your answer maybe, let me give you a glimpse about a speck of human nature. A human never feels the pain and anguish of fellow humans, unless they are relationally his. You would observe that people show their frustration for a moment or two to sympathesise the loss of unrelated fellow humans. But I prefer to call it mere ‘showy’. The rationale behind this particular assertion of mine has its ground in the fact that we are obsessed with attachment. We feel the pains of only such beings with whom we are attached to and any tragic incidents amounting to their lives do aggrieve us. For the ‘not-attached-to-us’ folks, we simply utter “Ah! What the Lord has done to him”, proving our deepest condolences in the lightest gaiety. A few exist, who may sense the ‘universal’ pain, overlooking the ‘fence’ of attachment, but they are only a few.

     I sit pondering over this pervading relational-discrimination which dominates our minds. Could I foresee the eradication of the ‘former’? Is there any possibility of the people stopping to say, “He is not mine”? Won’t the concept of universal brother and sisterhood be realized and also paving a way for the est ablishment of my own concept of ‘universal onehood’; where people would be brimming with noble virtues of affection shown towards one another? World could be a ‘heaven’ in truth. No countries would thrive except for one super-nation. People becoming cosmo-citizens, associated through sociological, psychological, cultural and economic attachment all-in-one.

        But, only if the notion of “BECAUSE (S)HE IS NOT MINE” is wiped from their brains.

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