We humans judge people considering only their physical characteristics, we fail to delve into their intrinsic qualities. Whatever the thoughts occurring into our minds are fully derived based on our conclusions. We all share the same blood, the same flesh and the same brain. It is really weird to discriminate among people having known that we are all the creations of the same Creator.

    We always do whatever we like. When we plunge into the lives of the people belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. They all have the same set of woes. They fell themselves isolated from the mainstream community. They are deprived of the basic facilities which are provided to the ‘normal’ people. The government and the society too seems to be so ruthless towards paying heeds to the grievances and the atrocities meted out to the LGBT community. When we travel by train, we often confront hijaras who are all set to beg money from the passengers, often harassing them. We could be quiet pessimistic about this fact but we hardly recognise that after all, we are also in a sense responsible for their prevailing conditions.

The persons belonging to the LGBT community were not provoked or influenced by the society to be one of the members of the said community. It’s all because of genetic disorders considering from the biological point of view. This often results from the misalignment of genes during the fusion of the male and female gametes. The consequences are least predictable if we conduct medical procedures like amniocentesis.