The Scattered Pearls

Never seek those pearls
They always remained unclaimed
Many trod upon them but
None cared to take cognizance of
Those pearls; the gems of love
Of truth, of nobleness.
So strange it’s; qualities don’t qualify
To be regarded, to be adopted.
And those pearls beholding the Divine
Lay downtrodden.

Never behold those pearls
B’coz they would make a human humane;
The brightness emanating would
Eradicate all their abnormalities from
Their perverted world, where
Sins are cultivated in gardens, where
Destruction is pleasurable but
Bonding, a forbidden act.
Where in the world of hypocrisy, genuineness wins.

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That appearances can be deceptive,
Just as dark clouds do not guarantee rain.
That smiling faces conceal lots of anguish within,
Just as sparkling diamonds are just carbon within.

That pain is the synonym of pleasure,
Just as peace and war are synonyms in the contemporary world.
That advancement of technology simply means more killing
Just as security clears the path for more insecurity.

That sadness and happiness are
Just as internodes and nodes of a cane.
That clouds rain and eyes shed tears
Just to alleviate their afflictive burden.

That the conscience of a noble and an ignoble man is the same,
Just they pay heed to it differently.
That the leaders of today are merely pleaders
Just because people are becoming less gullible.

That to live requires diplomacy
Not just simplicity and probity.

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Pain and Pleasure – Aren’t they Siamese twins?

Hi friends, I am back with this particular novel theme of mine. Chums, I would like to shed a beam of similarity on these two apparently differing guys : pain and pleasure. I firmly believe in the reality of the inseparable and closely-knitted association between the contrasting duo. See friends, let me elaborate on this with a simple example to prove my stand. Visualise yourself at an amusement park (in Indian scenario), you do naturally fall for a camel or a horse ride, don’t you? We are filled with exhilaration during the ride while the camel is subjected to an excruciating experience. This event compels me to ask you to cite me an instance where moments of pain and pleasure donot coexist concurrently. The most conspicuous thing is – “In pain, we seek pleasure and in pleasure, we seek pain”. It is a truth none can deny.

The fact which poses to be gigantically inscrutable to me is the infallible propensity of human beings to be sadistic; which is more of a innate virtue than a propensity as I previously stated. They take pleasure in inflicting pain. They hurt others, they kill others, they oppress others and whatever not. Those devilish virtues – how could they become humans??

I am still working on it, friends.


How long a ‘moment’ is?

   ‘Moment’ is an informal way of referring to time, I feel. It tells about the duration of an event taking place in a certain stretch of time. We hear people blabbering about ‘happy moments’, ‘joyous moments’, ‘helpless moments’, ‘pleasing moments’ and those ‘anguished and miserable moments’. Not even a single day  passes when we do not intercept any ‘sentence’ flowing through air which does not contain this particular term ‘moment’.

     It is simply incongruous for me to figure out what the exact duration of a ‘moment’ is. Is it as small as the mathematical notation called epsilon”ε in differential calculus or is it as enormous as the infinity itself? When any person sees something which is highly unexpected, he gets perturbed for an instant. The so-called ‘moment’ could be as small as ‘epsilon’. For a convict lodged in a prison in absolute isolation, a ‘moment’ could be a prolonged period of time, say 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 years or so, depending upon the tenure he has to serve inside the prison. This is because the string of thoughts reigning within his mind remains the same over an extended period of time, implying that a ‘moment’ of his thrives very long.

   I am of the belief that a ‘moment’ is made up of a cohesive stream of thoughts and thought-mediated actions, which survives for a definite period. Not to mention, a ‘moment’ leads to the next one once the cohesiveness of the present thoughts gets snapped. Hence a new moment acquires its niche within the cerebrum.


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LGBT community

How can we love God whom we cannot see if we cannot love the people whom we see?’

  • Mother Teresa

We humans judge people considering only their physical characteristics, we fail to delve into their intrinsic qualities. Whatever the thoughts occurring into our minds are fully derived based on our conclusions. We all share the same blood, the same flesh and the same brain. It is really weird to discriminate among people having known that we are all the creations of the same Creator.

    We always do whatever we like. When we plunge into the lives of the people belonging to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. They all have the same set of woes. They fell themselves isolated from the mainstream community. They are deprived of the basic facilities which are provided to the ‘normal’ people. The government and the society too seems to be so ruthless towards paying heeds to the grievances and the atrocities meted out to the LGBT community. When we travel by train, we often confront hijaras who are all set to beg money from the passengers, often harassing them. We could be quiet pessimistic about this fact but we hardly recognise that after all, we are also in a sense responsible for their prevailing conditions.

The persons belonging to the LGBT community were not provoked or influenced by the society to be one of the members of the said community. It’s all because of genetic disorders considering from the biological point of view. This often results from the misalignment of genes during the fusion of the male and female gametes. The consequences are least predictable if we conduct medical procedures like amniocentesis.

Because (S)HE Is Not Mine

         You must have seen that a scratch on your own kith and kin, triggers such infuriation and blossoms such affection. While the same mishap leading to some others getting totally defaced and bruised does not bother you. Has any similar notion ever sprouted in your mind? Would you settle an accord with me that pains are similar for everyone and if inflicted bear the same consequences? Irrespective of whatever your answer maybe, let me give you a glimpse about a speck of human nature. A human never feels the pain and anguish of fellow humans, unless they are relationally his. You would observe that people show their frustration for a moment or two to sympathesise the loss of unrelated fellow humans. But I prefer to call it mere ‘showy’. The rationale behind this particular assertion of mine has its ground in the fact that we are obsessed with attachment. We feel the pains of only such beings with whom we are attached to and any tragic incidents amounting to their lives do aggrieve us. For the ‘not-attached-to-us’ folks, we simply utter “Ah! What the Lord has done to him”, proving our deepest condolences in the lightest gaiety. A few exist, who may sense the ‘universal’ pain, overlooking the ‘fence’ of attachment, but they are only a few.

     I sit pondering over this pervading relational-discrimination which dominates our minds. Could I foresee the eradication of the ‘former’? Is there any possibility of the people stopping to say, “He is not mine”? Won’t the concept of universal brother and sisterhood be realized and also paving a way for the est ablishment of my own concept of ‘universal onehood’; where people would be brimming with noble virtues of affection shown towards one another? World could be a ‘heaven’ in truth. No countries would thrive except for one super-nation. People becoming cosmo-citizens, associated through sociological, psychological, cultural and economic attachment all-in-one.

        But, only if the notion of “BECAUSE (S)HE IS NOT MINE” is wiped from their brains.

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