Through A Victor’s Eye

          “How marvelous this world is!” – exclaims a victor. “Oh! I never really felt this fragrance this flower contains,” murmurs he, bringing a china rose to his nose. Does anyone has this ‘blood’ of happiness circulating through his ‘joyous’ arteries and veins, except a victor? This may sound quite like a fairy tale; you would even dress the writer as insane. However silly this may seem, it stands unrefuted. Have you ever seen a ‘ferocious’ gleam in the eyes of a victor? Can you make out the sense of achievement and the sense of winning which his eyes behold in its admirable quietness, much like a queer place situated in the untold tranquility of wilderness? We may stand astounded by the veritable energy, vigour and the never-dwindling spirit a victor displays. His happiness is the fruit borne out of his endurance, persistence and resilience even when any stroke of misfortune is inflicted upon him. Because he has risen over all the barriers, facing them with guts and bringing them down to his knees, he realizes his ecstasy. He finds everything so interesting and so enchanting. Even that stray dog whom people regard as the harbinger of filthiness; anything perhaps, anything which is never cared of, never rendered any importance. Beauty to him has quite a different ‘perspective’, different from the rest of the masses. He is uniquely-minded.

                                                                                                                             …….to  be continued                 Click here to download in DOCX format.

So many hurdles to cross…………Still so many left

       It is said that our difficulties never come to an end. The more difficulties we overcome, still heavier becomes the load of impending obstacles. So amusing and embarrassing this fact simultaneously is, isn’t it? Such is this case with every person and so it has become with me. The hope of ending up with all the miseries, all the shortcomings, the frustations keep on wrecking the nerves but to no avail. This is an inevitable concern for the whole multitudes of people, groups,  societies, nations and apparently universe as a whole. I surmise the bundle of the things-to-do never get exhausted. The call of ‘DO IT’ keeps ringing in our ears and hypnotises our minds; making us accomplish and win over those tasks.

                                                                                                                                 … be continued.

We are responsible!

When a person hits you once, it is his mistake, 

                         When the same person hits you twice, it is your mistake.

The Vedas

       We are responsible for our deeds, our actions, our perceptions, our negligences, our ignomicity and our sluggishness throughout our life. We must introspect and reintrospect anything which is put before us, not merely give it a glance and let it go at that. The dormancy which surrounds us from within has to be penetrated to get a first-hand knowledge about an action which may later turn into inaction, just because of the lack of our deliberation. We do, we perform small actions round the clock, but many a time, we prefer to keep our consciousness away, which costs us everything.

      Similar is the case of our behavior towards other persons, may be our parents, well-wishers, friends,etc. We behave the way we like, with them disregarding the dire consequences we may creep into. What we need is 24X7 consciousness and alertness in playing the role we have been assigned to on this world’s stage (referring to Shakespeare’s quote -‘The world is a stage and all men are merely actors.’). We must visualise our way of presentation in front of the audience (single person, or more), lest we regret it later. Note, a stitch in time saves nine. We are required to present our thoughts in an unambiguous manner, lacking all types of vagueness.

The Eyes That Have Run Dry

This is a projected version of the novel ” The Eyes That Have Run Dry “, which I am going to publish in a short time.

I have set the ball rolling on this project. I will soon publish a gist of whatever I have planned to author in my original work on the page tab “My Novel“.

Looking through a child’s eye


Krishna Chand Avatar

      Full of appreciation, full of praises, full of curiosity, full of divinity and ignorance; assimilate the attributes of a child. Being devoid of knowledge, but laden with baskets of inquisitive questions, the soul and the conscience is free from blemish and blots. The carefree mind is so appreciable and praiseworthy: a thing every grown up yearns for. Nevertheless this taint-free mind of a child gets blackened with the passing time; pursuance of worldly realisation brings about everything. Guilt and innocence are the two contrasting traits. The perception of guilt starts building up in the mind of a grown-up, the more ‘aware’, and the innocence is stripped of.

       Imagine, glancing at the world metaphorically through the eyes of a child. A child appreciates the world in every sense. It admires the beauty of the environment, the nature and perhaps everything with gentleness, mellowness and cheer. Piousness and innocence govern their world. Certain elements like malice, avarice, envy, hate, cruelty etc. find no place in their world. What they love, what they observe, what they think, is so enchanting that the grown up can’t stop admiring. They just say “God lies in the mind and soul of a child.”


“Conscience is the fragment of the Creator’s Wisdom in humans.”

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Conscience – is purely an abstract concept, I can say in the field of psychology. However this particular thing has a dominant existence in human beings. It can be factually described as an inborn judging capability, the laws which have been framed over the years through experiences and the little tit-bits directed at us by our parents and our well-wishers. From this perspective, I could say that conscience basically puts forward decisions categorised into two – right and wrong. Every action falls into either of the both, solely based on its consequences; to be precise.

Taking into concern the spiritual aspects of conscience, the subject has far greater significance. Conscience belongs to the soul; it has been commandeered by the soul and there it exists. The existence and feel of the Lord dwells in a human’s conscience. The ideas of ‘sin’ and ‘salvation ‘ are conceived in the conscience. As such, ‘regrets’ (action) which a person usually does, upon having committed a sin, arises in the conscience itself. Conscience, in every human, has the same loaded encyclopaedia of facts, judgements and axioms. The difference lies in the reality that only some people pay reverence to their conscience. Such people are considered to be noble and pious everywhere, because they have abided by the Lord’s decisions which are announced the Highest Court of the Universe – the inner Conscience.

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