Looking through a child’s eye


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      Full of appreciation, full of praises, full of curiosity, full of divinity and ignorance; assimilate the attributes of a child. Being devoid of knowledge, but laden with baskets of inquisitive questions, the soul and the conscience is free from blemish and blots. The carefree mind is so appreciable and praiseworthy: a thing every grown up yearns for. Nevertheless this taint-free mind of a child gets blackened with the passing time; pursuance of worldly realisation brings about everything. Guilt and innocence are the two contrasting traits. The perception of guilt starts building up in the mind of a grown-up, the more ‘aware’, and the innocence is stripped of.

       Imagine, glancing at the world metaphorically through the eyes of a child. A child appreciates the world in every sense. It admires the beauty of the environment, the nature and perhaps everything with gentleness, mellowness and cheer. Piousness and innocence govern their world. Certain elements like malice, avarice, envy, hate, cruelty etc. find no place in their world. What they love, what they observe, what they think, is so enchanting that the grown up can’t stop admiring. They just say “God lies in the mind and soul of a child.”


“Conscience is the fragment of the Creator’s Wisdom in humans.”

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Conscience – is purely an abstract concept, I can say in the field of psychology. However this particular thing has a dominant existence in human beings. It can be factually described as an inborn judging capability, the laws which have been framed over the years through experiences and the little tit-bits directed at us by our parents and our well-wishers. From this perspective, I could say that conscience basically puts forward decisions categorised into two – right and wrong. Every action falls into either of the both, solely based on its consequences; to be precise.

Taking into concern the spiritual aspects of conscience, the subject has far greater significance. Conscience belongs to the soul; it has been commandeered by the soul and there it exists. The existence and feel of the Lord dwells in a human’s conscience. The ideas of ‘sin’ and ‘salvation ‘ are conceived in the conscience. As such, ‘regrets’ (action) which a person usually does, upon having committed a sin, arises in the conscience itself. Conscience, in every human, has the same loaded encyclopaedia of facts, judgements and axioms. The difference lies in the reality that only some people pay reverence to their conscience. Such people are considered to be noble and pious everywhere, because they have abided by the Lord’s decisions which are announced the Highest Court of the Universe – the inner Conscience.

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My Greatest Need

I perceive to the deepest fathoms of my conscience that I could never get to know about my own cherished yearnings, thoughts, opinions and utmost emotional pains. I feel so sorry for myself that I could never understand myself in this life. INSPITE OF STRUGGLING WITH THE BEST EFFORTS, I WAS NEVER CLOSE TO MY OWNSELF. I earned a great deal of rude remarks due to this way of thriving on this earth. What I could reap in this shortwhile comprises of only blemishes and taints. I shattered the dreams of my parents and many near and dear ones. I feel myself to be the greatest sinner. I have committed only immoral acts, as the rumours speak. I have lost all my strength, my divinity and my mental balance due to the filthy and brutal rebukes meted out to me. I have become a trustless, characterless and an unworthy fellow. I had been already emotionally broken down due to my own ideology. These circumstances have led to a place where I see no happiness. I always want to sit at a place where I wont find any human and cry my heart out. I ask apology from my GOD. I have always asked my Almighty God to bless me with a new life so that I could explore my conscience and my mind as a new person. I LOVE MY PARENTS MORE THAN ANYTHING IN THIS WHOLE WORLD. This is the only thing I am unable to convey to my parents.


EMOTIONS – An abstract friend

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Emotion, as I feel, is the best companion in this universe. It binds us to each and every perceivable matter, may be, people, motherland, articles, etc. Emotion fastens us to the realisation that we are connected to ALMIGHTY GOD. Emotion instills the meaning of love and hatred in our hearts. It can make a person’s mentality tougher than the toughest steel or much more fragile than the most delicate glass. The breaking down of emotions is far more painful than any other agonies persistent on this earth. It neither lets the victim live nor die. It even leads to mental breakdown of an emotional person. If the mental stability is tampered with, the person is liable to get inflicted with several disappointing traits. These display of these traits may be undesirable for others and frustrating for self. Concludingly, person must never, even by mistake, hurt the emotions of another. The person committing this crime is the most cruel person.


Our life is filled with a lot many pains, agonies and frustations that neither ceases nor de-intensifies, rather they keep on following us. After all, they become a component of our lives. They cant be healed or even be communicated to others. People may pay heed but they dont really want to understand, taking it to be a matter of no concern to them. People just preserve them as weapons that can be put into use when the time is ripe to hurt the painbearer. This deepens the impact of the pain on the bearer. Emotions gets empowered. The person starts thriving in greater hostility. He prefers to be more and more solitary. Feelings of alienation towards co-human beings sprouts. And he merges his own soul with GOD who provides the person incessant support and enthusiasm to live anyhow. The person weeps for GOD and He listens and soothes the pain of the person. Thus the truest one who really shares the pain is GOD.

Based on genuine experience of an emotional child of God.



                                                  – Rabi Moirangthem